Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pinnacle Valley Resort, Merrijig, Victoria, Australia

One of the best designed swimming pool I have seen.


These are taken during my early morning walk around the resort. Believe it or not, I went for an early morning walk every day. Best seats are taken by the locals.

From one of the local resident, "What are you looking at?"

The kitchen

The room.
Visitors area at the apartment where we stayed.

Through the lenses of Fay's eyes - she thinks this is a very artistic ceiling.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Victorian High Country

We joined the Mt Buller Summit Nature Walk on Easter Saturday, here are some pictures from the summit. Well, Fay decided running is a better option.

Wish you can smell the fresh alpine air - for our whole stay there, I had the window opened day and night, no air-conditoning nor heater was turned on at all.

It's hard to imagine all these will be covered in snow in winter.

It was really windy and cold when we first got there, after walking to the summit, it was getting really hot. Fay is now in her T-shirt walking down. The summit is at 1805m.
(This photo was taken by Matt - I have to share my camera with him on this trip. Fay is taking photos with my old Nikon Coolpix - will publish their photos in a separate blog.)

The temperature has resulted in stunted trees. We learn something new every day.

Here's Fay again, having a rest.

The Giant Easter Egg Hunt at Mt Buller, sponsored by Cadbury, who donated 6000 eggs. Can you spot Matt in this picture? He found 22 eggs, Fay found 20. They were both good sport, Fay gave some to the boy who has found fewer eggs than her. Matt let one of the kids has the egg he found too. For those who might be interested in joining the hunt, the age limit is 15. They split the kids into age groups, 0-4, 5-7, etc.
After the Egg Hunt, we have a relaxing time at the swimming pool at Pinnacle Valley where we stayed. Located at Merrijig which is about half hour drive from Mt Buller.

Yea - a good place to stopover for those with little ones. The 'train' comes complete with sound effect.

We went to Lake Eildon for a day trip as well.